Gender in the newsroom – bias, stereotypes, glass ceiling

Friday 17 September: 9.15-11.45:

Room 2.27 at DMJX, or via Zoom videolink
About Texts to read, see below.

We are proud of once again being able to welcoming associate Professor Jad Melki from Lebanon to Aarhus, This time on-site!

In this lecture “Gender in the newsroom – bias, glass ceiling, and stereotypes, Professor Melki will share insights about the role and traditions concerning men’s and women’s positions in the news media – and how this affects news flow, stereotypes and the politics in the Middle East and beyond.
Jad Melki will suggest solutions, actions and changed attitudes.
As a bonus, we will also discuss how reporters have different advantages, depending on their sex – for example in war areas, demonstrations and conflict zones.

These journal articles will prepare you for the lecture by Jad Melki:

Bonus material, optional reading below here:

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